Unlock the future of security and innovation with our cutting-edge blockchain and cybersecurity solutions. Embrace the power of decentralization and protect your assets, projects, and life with us.

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Blockchain Audit

Our team of experts meticulously examines every aspect of your project, from dApps to smart contracts, for potential vulnerabilities, logic flaws, and inefficiencies.

  • dApp Audit
  • Smart Contract Audit
  • Protocol Audit
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Blockchain Development

Our developers have extensive experience in creating secure and efficient blockchain solutions tailored to your specific requirements. .

  • dApp Development
  • Smart Contract Development
  • Blockchain Infrastructure Development
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Blockchain Consulting

Our team provides expert guidance to navigate the complex blockchain ecosystem, offering personalized consulting services tailored to your business needs

  • Platform Selection Assistance
  • Implementation Support
  • Blockchain Infrastructure Optimization
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Blockchain Audit

dApp Audit

Trust our experienced team to scrutinize your decentralized applications, ensuring their security and functionality. We assess the design, user experience, and overall architecture of your dApps, providing valuable feedback and recommendations for improvement.

Smart Contract Audit

Our smart contract audit evaluates your smart contract code to identify potential vulnerabilities and inefficiencies. We provide you with a detailed report and recommendations to enhance the security and performance of your smart contracts, instilling confidence in your users and investors.

Protocol Audit

Our protocol audit service involves a thorough analysis of your blockchain protocol’s design, consensus mechanism, and overall network security. We identify areas of improvement, helping you create a robust and resilient blockchain infrastructure for your project.

Blockchain Development

dApp Development

Our team is skilled at developing decentralized applications (dApps) that offer seamless user experiences and harness the full potential of blockchain technology. From decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms to NFT marketplaces, our developers can create custom dApps that cater to a wide range of use cases and industries.

Smart Contract Development

Trust our highly experienced developers to create secure and efficient smart contracts for your blockchain project. We possess the expertise to develop custom smart contracts for a wide range of platforms and use cases, ensuring seamless integration, deployment, and optimal performance across different blockchain networks.

Blockchain Infrastructure Development

We offer end-to-end blockchain infrastructure development services, including the design and implementation of custom blockchain networks, consensus mechanisms, and security protocols. Our team can help you build scalable, secure, and efficient blockchain solutions tailored to your unique needs.

Core Team

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Mohamed Boukri's Picture

Mohamed Boukri

Co- Founder

Enterprise Blockchain Developer | Smart Contract Auditor | Supply Chain Analyst | Penetration Tester

Yassine El Jakani's Picture

Yassine El Jakani

Web/Web3 Developer

Full-Stack Web Developer with Cybersecurity Focus | Penetration Tester | Blockchain Enthusiast | UI/UX Designer

Hania ARFAOUI's Picture


Business Development Executive

Business Development Executive | Cloud Computing Engineer | Blockchain Enthusiast

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We are a leading Web3 company offering unparalleled blockchain security and development services. Our team comprises seasoned blockchain professionals, smart contract auditors, developers, and Web3 experts. With a proven track record, we excel in delivering outstanding results for clients by developing and securing dApps on Ethereum and Solana. Partner with us to harness the power of decentralization and safeguard your digital assets.

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If you're ready to unlock the future of security and innovation, Blockhat is here to provide advanced blockchain and cybersecurity solutions. Embrace the power of decentralization and protect your assets, projects, and life with us. To get started or learn more about our services, reach out to us directly. We have a dedicated team of professionals ready to assist you.

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